It, and Other Stories Gouverneur Morris

ISBN: 9781493635283

Published: October 30th 2013


136 pages


It, and Other Stories  by  Gouverneur Morris

It, and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris
October 30th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 136 pages | ISBN: 9781493635283 | 5.24 Mb

Prana Beach would be a part of the solid west coast if it wasnt for a half circle of the deadliest, double-damned, orchid-haunted black morass, with a solid wall of insects that bite, rising out of it. But the beach is good dry sand, and the wind keeps the bugs back in the swamp. Between the beach and the swamp is a strip of loam and jungle, where some niggers live and a god. I landed on Prana Beach because Id heard-but it wasnt so and it doesnt matter.

Anyhow, I landed-all alone- the canoemen wouldnt come near enough for me to land dry, at that. Said the canoe would shrivel up, like a piece of hide in a fire, if it touched that beach- said theyd turn white and be blown away like puffs of smoke. They nearly backed away with my stuff- would have if I hadnt pulled a gun on them. But they made me wade out and get it myself-thirty foot of rope with knots, dynamite, fuses, primers, compass, grub for a week, and-well, a bit of skin in a half-pint flask with a rubber and screw-down top.

Not nice, it wasnt, wading out and back and out and back. There was one shark, I remember, came in so close that he grounded, snout out, and made a noise like a pig. Sun was going down, looking like a bloody murder victim, and there wasnt going to be any twilight. Its an uncertain light that makes wading nasty. It might be salt-water soaking into my jeans, but with that beastly red light over it, it looked like blood.

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